When I created this web site, back in 1999, there was no Google Street View (or anything like it).  So I took photographs of not only every building in Staple, but also of  every road junction, crossroads, track etc - and created a 'virtual tour'.  Although this is now outdated - it seemed a shame to just delete the photos (especially as some show buildings which have long since changed) - so a selection of them can be found in the slideshow on the right.

These lovely old building now look a lot different! (Note the 9-way Telegraph Pole)
The Plough Pub (Where Rowan Close now is)

I've borrowed, digitally repaired and enhanced scores of old photos of Staple.  These show old buildings which are no longer around (such as the Plough Pub,  which once stood on the site now occupied by Rowan close), The Black Pig before the beams were exposed, massive old telegraph poles with massive 9-way arms, a working forge - and lots more.........