Parish Council

Staple Parish Council currently has seven seats. The members (who are elected to serve for four years) meet eleven times each year; usually on the second Wednesday of the month, at the Committee Room, The Village Hall, Mill Lane, Staple CT3 1LB. (All are welcome to attend the meetings.)  There is no meeting in August.


Trevor Bartlett.

Contact information:

Home address:

Lombardy Cottage

The Street, Staple

Kent CT3 1LL

Phone: 01304 813492 Mobile: 07980 300084



The current Parish Councillors are:

Trevor Bartlett  (Chairman)

John Kirk  (Village Hall)

David Kirk

Sue Coulson  (Footpaths)

Neil McCollum (Vice-Chairman)

Glynis McCollum

Roger Loukes (Highways)

n.b. Trevor is also the leader of DDC

Mrs Lisa Acarnley

Clerk to the Council

Staple Parish Council

7 Eastry Park


CT13 0JL

Mob. 07735 334605

Lisa Acarnley is the Parish Council's new Clerk - and attended her first Staple Parish Council meeting on 09.10.19

Parish Council Documents:

Annual Governance Statement & Accounts 2017/2018

Data Protection Policy

n.b. To prevent this section becoming unwieldy/ outdated; only the Minutes and Agendas from the previous four of five months will be listed.


ON WEDNESDAY 8th APRIL at 7:30p.m. 

Minutes:       Agenda:

14.08.19    Agenda for Sept '19 Meeting

11.09.19    Agenda for Oct '19 Meeting

09.10.19    Agenda for Nov '19 Meeting

13.11.19    Agenda for Dec '19 Meeting

01.12.19    Agenda for Jan '20 Meeting

08.01.19    Agenda for Feb '20 Meeting

12.02.20    Agenda for Mar '20 Meeting