Black Pig Message






Closing Days


As you may or may not know Ali & Jane have had to give notice on the pub due to health reasons and will unfortunately serve their last pint and serve you your last pie on August 1st 2017.


As we still have 6 months to enjoy all of you lovely people who we have had the pleasure of meeting we are going to re-charge both our own batteries and those of the staff on a Monday and Tuesday so that we can continue to give you the service and food that you deserve.


Please be advised that the Black Pig will, as of next week be closed Sunday (26th February) evening 6pm thru Tuesday evening and will re-open again for Wednesday lunch and dinner for the rest of the week and of course our ever popular Sunday Lunch.


We will open Tuesdays up again on 4th April through the rest of summer


Many thanks for your understanding but us old girls are not quite as young as we used to be and our batteries take a little longer to charge every week. 